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Tree Care and Consulting

Trees are an investment that can be lost or destroyed if not properly cared for.

Our goal is to focus on the overall success of your investment as it serves the needs of the property. One-time tree pruning work can be a disservice to the customer by not addressing the usefulness or value of a particular tree at maturity.

We apply and specify correct pruning practices as described by the International Society of Certified Arborists.

Long-term Tree & Landscape Budgets and Forecasting
Kateley & Kristiansson works with you to forecast potential costs and planned improvements to maximize your investment and eliminate unexpected costs.
As with all assets, normal maintenance cannot account for age, obsolescence, deterioration etc. If these things are not anticipated and planned for, big and unpleasant surprises are certain.

Tree, Plant and Turf Evaluations
Kateley & Kristiansson offers this service performed by a Certified Arborist/ Horticulturist. It is a complete evaluation of your trees, shrubs and landscape assets. The report provides recommendations and analysis to ensure the valuable -perishable- assets on your property increase in value for years to come.

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