Our Plant Guarantee

Water Conserving

We specialize in designing and installing new landscapes as well as modernizing existing landscapes into water saving beautiful environments that increase property values, reduce water consumption and lower log-term maintenance costs.

 Proper plant choices and planting locations as well as thoughtful material choices create long-term successful environments for you and your family.

backyard with woodchips and rock landscape
Drought proof landscaping

Wildfire Safe

To minimize the hazardous wildfire conditions Northern California is prone to, we can design for you and install a landscape that observes Cal Fire’s three zones of fire defense. 

By making careful plant choices; locating those plants and other landscape structure locations and the proper application of fire resistant ground cover materials, we can make your landscape an asset instead of a liability due to predictable and recurring fire seasons.

fence and walkway

Edible Landscape

We believe your landscape should give back to you for all the effort you put into it.

Beyond beautifying your property and increasing your property’s value, we believe the landscape should also producing healthy organic food for you and your family that you know you’ve grown yourselves.

The scope of this improvement can be as simple as integrating food producing plants into your existing ornamental landscape where we can utilize the existing irrigation system, to completely renovating an existing landscape into a water conserving and producing Tuscan style villa garden and also the complete installation of a new fenced garden on previously under utilized land.

We are excited to work with you to create something rewarding and fun!

edible landscaping
edible landscape

Fences, Walks and Walls

We use quality materials and good craftmanship to create long-term solutions for your investment. 

walkway stairs