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Pest Control

Full Service Integrated Pest Management Department

As a Licensed Pesticide Applicator and past Agricultural Advisor, our goal is to provide the most economical solutions to pest problems by using the safest, most effective products available. We will provide you with lush green lawns, beautiful blooming plants, and the safest possible environment for the people and pets that enjoy your landscape.

We utilize Integrated Pest Management (IPM) principles.

IPM decisions employ all aspects of the environment to reduce or eliminate the need for pesticide applications. This may include immediate pesticide applications, but can also employ recommendations for long-term changes in plant choices, adjustments to irrigation systems and fertilization programs, and even landscape bed renovations, to create an environment that promotes the plant’s natural defense systems and reduces the need for pesticide use.

Additionally, we are in contact with the County Agricultural Commissioner and County Ag cooperative experts to predict pest infestation levels to develop the best management plan to reduce ore even eliminate pesticide applications.

Our Programs include:

  • Lawn Care Fertilization, Pre-Emergent weed control programs, Weed control.
  • Insecticides, and fungicides for lawns, shrubs and trees.
  • Tree Injections, systemic insecticides, Pest diagnosis and prevention programs.
  • Shrub Pre-Emergent applications, weed control, specialty fertilizers.
  • Palm diagnosis and management plans.
  • Field and bare-ground weed control.
  • Plant nutrient deficiency diagnosis and solutions.
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