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Our Difference

We know that knowledge and trust are the two most important components of business relationship.

We also know that we were hired to use our expertise in landscape management and not just wait for the customer to point out things. We believe it is our duty to bring improvements and solutions to you in a timely manner so your landscape will grow and thrive with the right plants in the right places.

We also know that a low priced landscaper is not always the lowest cost vendor. The landscaper affects other costs not always considered. Over watering increases your water bills, but can also damage your asphalt parking lots, increasing the frequency of expensive resealing. Improper plant choices lead to more plant replacements and sometimes even complete removals and renovations.

We know that many of the workings in landscape maintenance are the same; same turf, same mowers, same fertilizers, etc. The difference lies in the knowledge and integrity of the person you contact daily and whether that person knows their business and keeps their promises. We’ve built our company and our reputation by providing our customers with three simple things:

  1. Consistent landscape care
  2. Rapid communication
  3. Correct solutions, and
  4. Honest answers

Our Plant Guarantee

For projects which K&K has performed the landscape procurement, installation and subsequent maintenance, our Plant Guarantee is extended indefinitely while K&K Inc. maintains the project.

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Our Qualifications

Bachelors of Science: Ornamental Horticulture
California Polytechnic State University, School of Agriculture, San Luis Obispo, CA

C-27 Contractor License
State of California, Dept. of Consumer Affairs

Certified Arborist # WC-3688-A
International Society of Arboriculture

Registered Consulting Arborist #433
American Society of Consulting Arborists

Qualified Pesticide Applicator License #36528

State of California, Dept. of Food and Ag:

  • Landscape
  • Rights-of-way
  • Aquatics
  • Residential & Institutional

Certified Landscape Professional

Associated Landscape Contractors of America

  • Exterior

Certified Landscape technician
Associated Landscape Contractors of America

  • Construction
  • Maintenance
  • Irrigation

Certified Site Supervisor for Reclaimed Water
 South Bay Water Recycling

Certified Landscape Irrigation Auditor
Irrigation Association

Over 25 years experience in the field of Tree and Landscape care